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The Forth International Specialized Symposium «Space and Global Security of the Humanity» is the next one in the series of similar events in Limassol (2009); Riga, Stockholm (2010); Kaluga, Madrid, St. Petersburg, Hanoi, Shanghai, Mombasa (2011).

In Yevpatoria, it is intended to combine Symposium with the III-d Ukrainian GEO-UA Conference.


Section I:  “Modern Space Exploration Strategy and Security
Social and philosophical aspects, as well as long-term objectives of modern space exploration efforts for the benefit of social security. Role of advanced space technologies in mitigation of natural and industrial hazards and risks, space awareness about emergencies of natural or industrial origin.

Section II:  “Results of the IGMASS System Design”
Purposes, objectives, scope, structure, deployment and functioning options; methods, technologies, tools for natural / industrial emergency prediction; political, legal, organizational, financial, technical development aspects of the future system.

Section III: “Utilization of the IGMASS Navigation and Telecommunication Resources for Development of the Unified Information Security Field”
Warning about planetary hazards in the space and from the space, preventing clogging of the near-Earth orbits, resolution of humanitarian problems, distant education, training of the specialists in the field of space research and applied utilization of space activity outcome, catastrophe medicine (telemedicine).


The Symposium will be held in the framework of the Space Forum, which includes also two other major events:

  • III Ukrainian Conference «Aerospace Observations for Sustainable Development and Security»
  • XII Ukrainian Space Research Conference
The Symposium will include plenary sessions with invited speakers lectures, as well as oral and poster presentations.

Participation confirmation and hotel reservation - 20.07.2012


Ukraine and CIS - 30 Euro (300 Ukrainian hryvna);
Other states - 150 Euro.


Working languages of the Symposium are Russian and English.



  • Yu.S. Alexeev – Head, State Space Agency of Ukraine (Ukraine);


  • Prof. I.V. Barmin – President, K.E.Tsiolkovsky Russian Academy of Cosmonautics (Russia);
  • Dr. J.-M. Contant – Secretary General, International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) (France);
  • Prof. Е.М. Malitikov – President, International Association “Znanie” (the CIS);
  • Prof. А.N. Perminov – Deputy Director General – Designer General, JSC Russian Space Systems; Chairman of the Board, International Committee on the IGMASS Project Implementation (ICPI); Vice President, IAA (Russia);
  • Mr. S.V. Saveliev  – Deputy Head, Federal Space Agency (Russia).

MEMBERs of the Program committee:

  • Dr. С.F. Varotto – Executive and Technical Director, National Commission for Space Activities (CONAE) (Argentina);
  • Prof. R.М. Martirosyan– President, Armenia National Academy of Sciences (Armenia);
  • Dr. M. Daim Kakar – Director General, Afghanistan National Disaster Management Authority (Afganistan);
  • Prof. А.М. Rusetskiy – Chairman of the Presidium, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (Belarus);
  • Dr. R. Sandau – Chief Scientist, Institute of Space Medicine (Germany);
  • Prof A.Peled– Second Vice-President, International Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS) (Izrael);
  • Dr. B. Tejasukmana– Chairman, National Institute of Aeronautics and Space (LAPAN) (Indonesia);
  • Mr. J.J.D. Zambrana – Director General, National Institute of Technology and Aerospace (INTA) (Spain);
  • Prof. C. Uliviery – Head of the Department of Aerospace and Astronautics Engineering, Sapienza University of Rome (Italy);
  • Prof. Т.А. Musabaev – Chairman, National Space Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Kazakhstan);
  • Mrs. L. Beach – Vice President, Space Systems, NEPTEC (Canada);
  • Dr. M. Pimprikar – Chairman and Founder, CANEUS INT (Canada);
  • Prof.  V. Chenven – Director, Earth Remote Sensing Center (China);
  • Prof. Yu. Ekmanis – Chairman, Presidium on the National Academy of Sciences the Republic of Latvia (Latvia);
  • Dr. S.O. Mohammed – Chairman, Nigeria Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA) (Nigeria);
  • Dr. М. Banaszkiewicz – Director, Space Research Centre, Polish Academy of Sciences (Poland);
  • Dr. I.А. Veselov – Deputy Director, Department of International Activity, EMERCOM (Russia);
  • Mr. А.F. Dudkin Head, Center for National and International Aerospace Monitoring System Development, JSC Russian Space Systems (Russia);
  • Acad. L.М. Zeleny – Director, Institute of Space Research, Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia);
  • Acad. А.S. Koroteev – Director General, M.V.Keldysh Research Center (Russia);
  • Prof. V.А. Menshikov – Director General, IGMASS Project (Russia);
  • Dr. V.Е. Nesterov – Director General, M.V.Khгunichev State Space Scientific and Research Center (Russia);
  • Prof. А.V. Postnikov President, Nicholas Roerich International Centre and Museum (ICR) (Russia);
  • Prof. G.G. Raikunov – Director General, Machine Building and R&D Center (Russia);
  • Dr. S.N. Ryazansky – Test Cosmonaut (Russia);
  • Prof. V.P. Savinykh President, Moscow State University of Geodesy and Mapping (Russia);
  • Prof. Yu.М. Urlichich – Director General – Designer General, JSC Russian Space Systems (Russia);
  • Dr. D.D. Prunariu – Head, UN COPUOS (Romania);
  • Prof. L.Yuei-An – President, Taiwan Group on Earth Observations (Taiwan);
  • Prof. N.N. Kussul – Deputy Director, SRI NASU-NSAU (Ukraine);
  • Prof. V.I. Lyalko – Director, Scientific Centre for Aerospace Research of the Earth (CASRE),  Institute of Geological Sciences NASU (Ukraine);
  • Prof. О.P. Fedorov – Director, SRI NASU-NSAU (Ukraine);
  • Dr. G.-H. Choi – Head, Korea Aerospace Research Institute (South Korea).


  • Mrs. S.А. Gavrish – Expert, Center for National and International Aerospace Monitoring System Development, JSC Russian Space Systems (Russia);
  • Mr. А.D. Linkov – Senior Economist, Center for National and International Aerospace Monitoring System Development, JSC Russian Space Systems (Russia);
  • Dr. S.R. Lysy – Adviser for Deputy Director General – Designer General, JSC «Russian Space Systems»;
  • Dr. S.V. Pushkarsky – Deputy Director, A.A.Maximov Space Systems R&D Center, Vice President, RAC (Russia);
  • Mr. Е.I. Tsadikovsky – Expert, Center for National and International Aerospace Monitoring System Development, JSC Russian Space Systems (Russia);
  • Dr. S.V. Cherkas – Deputy Head, Center for National and International Aerospace Monitoring System Development, JSC Russian Space Systems (Russia), ICPI Executive Secretary (Russia);
  • Mrs. О. Kornienko – SRI NASU-NSAU (Ukraine);
  • Mr. S.V. Malevinsky – Head,  National Space Center (Ukraine);
  • Mr. S.V. Skakun - SRI NASU-NSAU (Ukraine).


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