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Yangel Yuzhnoye State Design Office

Address:49008, Dnipropetrovsk, Kryvorizka str., 3.
Phone:+38(0562) 42-00-22
Fax: +38(056) 770-01-25
Scope of BusinessDesign and engineering of satellite systems and space complexes, equipment for power engineering, public transportation, food industry, environment protection technologies, agriculture, and healthcare.

Yangel Yuzhnoye state design office is one of the leading enterprises on rocket complex and space rocket system development and one of the recognized world center of space rocket science and technologies.

Space rocket techniques developed by SDO Yuzhnoye with PA Yuzhmash is well known throughout the world.

Zenit, Cyclone launchers, different spacecraft ensure solving scientific and economical problems on study and use of outer space.

The enterprise is a leading participant of national and international rocket programs due to its great experience.

The main principle of DO is high technical level, newness and reliability of production, obligations implementations.

SDO Yuzhnoye is a reliable partner for mutual beneficial cooperation in progressive fields of science and techics. kbu.JPG (55307 bytes)

SDO Yuzhnoye was established in 1951 as design department of Yuzhny machine-building plant on military missiles development. In 1954 design department under Mychaylo Yangel direction was reorganized in independent design office.

During 50 years four generation of military missile complexes was developed, space systems and spacecraft output was realized: Kosmos launcher, Interkosmos, Cyclone, Zenit space rocket complexes.


The main activities of DO are development of spacecraft of scientific, defense and economic purposes.

The launchers developed by DO launched more than 400 artificial satellites into orbit.

SDO Yuzhnoye is one of the leading enterprises on strategic missile complexes liquidation and utilization within the frameworks of international agreements.

Yuzhnoye successfully solves the conversion problems developing trolley buses, wind-energetic installations, combines harvesters etc.

Currently SDO Yuzhnoye consists of design departments on launchers, spacecraft, rocket engines, equipment development, experimental base for ground units and systems processing, new technologies and materials complex, intercontinental ballistic missiles neutralization and disassembly.

Currently SDO Yuzhnoye is the head Ukrainian design organization on the main projects including into National space program. DO has orders on Poperedzhennya, Sich-2, Navigator, Lybid spacecraft development partially financed by NSAU. It is planned the participation in development of Ukrainian research module for international space station.

In modern conditions the international cooperation with CIS and world leading firms and companies is successfully developed.

SDO Yuzhnoye takes part in global international project Sea Launch, and also in development of Dnipro, Zenit-2M space rocket complexes and spacecraft by Microsatellite class for operative Earth control.