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NSAU-NASU Space Research Institute

Address:03680, Kyiv, Akademika Hlushkova prsp., 40, korp. 4/1;.
DirectorOleg Fedorov
Phone:+38044 526-41-24
Fax:+38044 526-41-24
Scope of Business· Modeling of planet dynamic processes, study of space plasma characteristics,

Space Research Institute was established in 1996 at the National Space Agency of Ukraine and National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine for organisation of scientific space researches in the country, conducting and co-ordination of scientific and engineering activities in the area of peaceful exploration and use of outer space.

The Institute's main activities are:

  • pure and applied research in outer space, astrophysic research of objects in the universe, including in ranges unavailable from the earth surface;
  • development of strategy and principles of universe exploration means use in solving scientific and applied issues for the needs of the economy;
  • development and testing, in the space environment, of scientific space exploration equipment and relevant technological processes;
  • development of new spacecraft navigation and control systems and earth and space monitoring systems; improvement of existing ones; creation of information space systems;
  • working out suggestions on the conception and strategy for space programmes.
The Institute's main projects includes:
  • use of earth remote sensing and geographic information systems (GIS) for informational support of environmental control;
  • monitoring, estimation, and forecasting of underwater petrochemical pollution in Ukraine;
  • Interball project on exploration of solar-earth relations;
  • Variant project on measurement of electromagnetic field and electric current flows in ionosphere;
  • Poperejennia (Warning) project: satellite complex for exploration of ionosphere phenomena related to seismic activity;
  • planning and controlling system for science and engineering experimentation aboard the Ukrainian explorer unit of the International Space Station.