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Aerospace education for youth

Within this budget program the National Youth Aerospace Education Center (NYAEC) organized the provision of extracurricular education for young people and created conditions for technical creativity of children interested in space.

Partially, the expenditures under the Program were spent on labor expenses for the NYAEC employees, utilities and power supply, along with other costs associated with maintenance support of the institution.

In 2014 the following events were organized and held:

XII All-Ukraine Conference for scholars Star Track (150 participants). Goal of the Conference is to develop students interest in comprehensive study of outer space, involving young people in solving scientific and technical problems, sharing knowledge and information in the field of astronomy, physics, natural phenomena and space ecology, technical creativity and rocket-space modeling, exchange of experience on extending creative abilities of children who are fond of space. Specific aerospace classes have been formed along with the groups of Dnipropetrovsk State University students engaged. Participants of the Space Rocketry Modeling Laboratory Club participated in the international competition in Rocket-Modeling Sports for the Prize of M.K. Yangel.

XV International Youth Scientific-Practical Conference HUMAN AND SPACE (426 participant) is the main event of aerospace education in Ukraine. The conference was dedicated to the 60-th anniversary of the Yuzhnoye SDO establishment and held with an active participation of enterprises and rocket-space oriented universities. A unique opportunity was created and provided for mutual acquaintance with the latest developments in the aerospace field, mutually beneficial cooperation of industry and universities to attract young researchers and professionals to work in the space industry. Following the conference HUMAN AND SPACE the best Reports have been published in professional magazines e.g. Dnipropetrovsk University Journal (Aerospace and Missile Systems Series) and Ecology and Noospherology.

IX International Conference Academic readings - Dnipro Orbit (58 participants) intended to discuss issues related to the humanitarian aspects of space activities, e.g.:
- Studies of the history of aviation and space-rocketry;
- Study of heritage left by pioneers of rocketry design schools;
- Environmental concerns of space-rocket complex of Ukraine;
- Issues of aerospace education;
- Issues of the international space law in XXI century.
Within the scientific readings a round table was held devoted to the 100th birthday anniversary of General Designer of space rocketry, the Academician of the USSR Academy of Sciences - Volodymyr Chelomey.

Ukrainian contest of research and technical works of pupils and students Peaceful space, organized and held by Ukrainian Youth Aerospace Association SUZIRYA (eng. Constellation) jointly with the National Youth Aerospace Education Center to identify and support gifted youth and develop in boys and girls the creativity powers, reveal the interest in aviation and aerospace, science and technology, ecology and research activities.

Celebration ceremony of the 200th birthday anniversary of Taras Shevchenko From Shevchenko to Gagarin under participation of Ukrainian astronaut L. Kadenyuk (Kaniv).

Grand Prix of the World Championship in Rocket Modeling Sports.

International competitions in Rocket Modeling Sports for the Yangel Cup.

Opening ceremony of the Museum of Cosmonautics in the School #36 named after Sergiy Korolyov (Kyiv).
10/09/2018: International Workshop on satellite navigation was held in SSAU