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Control and tests of space facilities

Implementation of this budget program is aimed at ensuring completion of the tasks of the National Space Facilities Control and Test Center (NSFCTC) on: implementation of the National TargetOriented Scientific and Technical Space Program of Ukraine, providing outer space control, monitoring and timely warning on occurrence of hazards that threaten national security.

Expenditures were directed to the salaries of NSFCTC employees, utilities, and other costs associated with the provision of economic operation of the institution.

Main tasks in 2014 were to perform the communication sessions with the satellites EROS, SUOMI NPP, AQUA, TERRA, NOAA series and continue working out the mechanism of operational support of customers with space imagery.

According to the results of ERS data processing the consumers in the central bodies of executive powers have received 1629 thematic maps:
  • Detection of thermal anomalies in Ukraine 350 maps (14,817 thermal anomalies detected);
  • Forecasting of fireprone areas in Ukraine 536 maps;
  • Monitoring of the underlying surface temperature 148 maps;
  • Detection of thermal anomalies in Ukraine and border areas 338 maps;
  • Monitoring of emergencies and their consequences;
  • Detection of fires of peat bogs in Kyiv region;
  • Depressurization of UrengoyPomaryUzhgorod gas pipeline followed by inflammation.

Due to the significant amount of rainfall that occurred from May 15 to 21, 2014, 27 satellite images have been processed and 8 forecasting along with 11 thematic maps produced. The report was prepared on monitoring the formation of rain flood and the formation of significant local and overland flow in Lviv, Chernihiv, IvanoFrankivsk, Chernivtsi, Ternopil, Kyiv regions and Balkan countries.

The special softwarehardware complexes have been deployed in the Western Radio Technical Surveillance Center for the Space Situation Monitoring and Analysis System (SSMAS) and the maintenance resumed of the Main Catalogue of Space Objects with records on approximately 15 000 objects.

The works were performed to provide calculations of orbital elements, the creation and support of national spacecraft catalogue.Tests were conducted for experimental radiotechnical software/hardware complex to extend the operational capacities of SSMAS.

1442 Sessions for space objects orbit observation have been performed using SazhenS quantumoptical system. Operational reports on the monitoring and analysis of space situation have been forwarded constantly to the security agencies of Ukraine.
During 2014, 3771 source of seismic signals of varying intensity have been detected. Nuclear explosions and release of radioactive material facts have not been reported. According to the Region program 132 seismic sources of natural origin were detected from a nearfield zone with intensity on the territory of Ukraine less than 3 points.
No earthquakes with an estimated intensity in the source of more than 3 points have been registered in Ukraine.

The NSFCTC provided operaion of the System of CoordinateTime and Navigational Support of Ukraine (SCTNSU) as part of the Main and a Backup Navigation Field Control Centers (Dunayivtsi, Kharkiv) and a network of control and correction stations which became a part of the National Ukrainian Joint Network of Reference Stations of the global navigation satellite systems. Experimental research on operation of the European EGNOS navigation system on the territory of Ukraine was performed on the basis of SCTNSU stations and the data on its positioning accuracy and reliability received.