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  In 2001 Ukrainian State Design Office Yuzhnoe(Dnipropetrovsk) won the international tender which was carried out by the government of Egypt for creation of the first Egyptian satellite of remote sounding the Earth EgyptSat-1. Except Ukraine the Great Britain, Russia, Korea, Italy took part in the tender. Works on creation of the space vehicle EgyptSat-1are carried out under the contract on designing, manufacturing, start, training and transfer of technology for the satellite EgyptSat-1 between NARSS as the customer and State Desigh Office Yuzhnoye as the contractor.

In accordance with a contract NARSS plans to create improved microsatellite within the framework of program EgyptSat-1 for reception of space images from the satellite and the satellite system which was developed together with State Office Yuzhnoye.
NARSS intends to get space technologies with the help of training and transfer the technology of designing, manufacturing, assembling, integration, tests, preparations for starting of the satellite, introduction in operation of space system Egyptsat-1.
EgyptSat-1 was created on the basis of micro-technologies in weight up to 100 kg it will be maintained on solar- synchronous orbit. Start of the satellite into an orbit will be realized with the help of the conversion booster rocket "Dnipro-1." Ukraine will create and provide the development of management satellite ground station in flight and modernization of reception the facts of remote sounding station in Egypt.
Ukrainian experts carry out training of the Egyptian personnel, and also preparation of local experts for development of satellites of a similar class. The number of State Design Office Yuzhnoye partners includes Scientific Research Institute of radio engineering measurements (Kharkiv), research-and-production enterprises Khartron-Konsat and Khartron-Yukom (Zaporizhya), State research-and-production enterprise KONEX (Lviv), Design Office Arsenal (Kyiv).
The project of creation EgyptSat-1 is the basic project of cooperation between two countries which confirms the presence of good potential of cooperation between Ukraine and Egypt in the field of high technologies.


05/25/2018: SSAU and European Commission signed an Arrangement on cooperation in the framework of the Copernicus Programme