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Cyclone 4

In this project Pivdenne State Design Office and Pivdenmash State Enterprise on the basis of high-reliability launcher "Cyclone-3" are planning to develop more powerful launcher Cyclone-4 , that will have high-accuracy control system. The Modified third stage with the 30% fuel weight increase will allow to realize multiple engine switch-ons.
Launcher Cyclone-4 is the latest, most powerful version of Cyclone launchers, created by Pivdenne State Design Office and manufactured by Pivdenmash State Enterprise. Cyclone launchers are in exploitation since 1969 and proved to be the highest-reliability launchers in the world, excelling such launchers as Arian, Delta, Proton and others. Energetic capabilities of the Cyclone-4 launcher allow to place spacecraft or group of spacecraft with the weight of up to 5500 Kg to the equatorial orbit (500 Km high) and spacecraft with the weight of 1700 Kg to the orbit transitional to geo-stationary.

    Normative and legislative provision of the project
    • Agreement between Ukraine and Federal Republic Brazil on long-term cooperation in LV Cyclone - 4 utilization at the Alcantara Launch Center
    • Framework Agreement between Government of Ukraine and Government of Federative republic of Brazil on cooperation in the sphere of space utilization for pacific purposes.
    • Agreement between Government of Ukraine and Government of Federative Republic of Brazil on technologies security concerning the launch of Ukrainian launchers from the Alcantara Space Center, and Memorandum of mutual understanding between National Space Agency of Ukraine and Brazilian Space Agency on cooperation in utilization of Ukrainian launchers at the Alcantara Space Center.

    Main differences of launcher Cyclone-4 from the previous modifications
    • Utilization of the third stage with the thrice increased reserve of the fuel elements, which allowed growth of launcher energy and reduction of the longitudinal overload to legitimate value of ~6g.
    • The third stage engine multiple switch-ons: up to 3-5 switch-ons of mid-flight engine and up to 5 on-on of heavy-duty engines, which provides qualitatively new opportunities including spacecraft group orbiting.
    • Application of modern high-accuracy control system of the owestern typeo on the basis of existing patterns.
    • Application of main cowl with increased volume of payload created on the basis of oArian-4o launcher cowl.

    Works on creation of space rocket complex will include:
    • Development of new launcher modification of the Cyclone class;
    • Creation of experimental ground launcher testing equipment and ground Technical Complex and Launch Complex testing equipment;
    • Building of Technical Complex and Launch Complex constructions.
Project efficiency for Ukrainian space industry
Ukrainian cooperation will develop space system on 90 %. Cooperation will be consist of basic space system developers and manufacturers, instrument-making, metallurgical, chemical enterprises and specialized building organizations that will provide long-term load of enterprises. In general, works in the frame of project will be capable to provide no less than 40 thousand workplaces.
Project fulfillment provides unique preconditions for support and further development of easy class of Cyclone space systems, solving scientific, technological issues concerning transition to new element base, new materials utilizing. Modern scientific and technical decisions and advanced technologies will develop scientific and technical level of Ukrainian space systems. Ukrainian launch technologies will be fixed in international market of launch services on low and medium orbit.
Project fulfillment that is important for Ukrainian space industry will provide modern and competitive LV development, keep Ukraine at leading places among countries which have space systems and provide Alkantara utilizing.