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Journal of space science and technology

"Journal of space science and technology" has been published since January of 1995 by NSAU and NASU and is a continuation of collection "Space science and technics" Editorial office is located at NSAU. Chief editor is a member of National Academy of Science of Ukraine B. Paton. Periodicity is 6 issues a year.

The articles of following scientific fields are published:
  • Common problems of space exploration
  • Space carriers and spacecrafts;
  • Control systems for space carriers and spacecrafts;
  • Space informatic science and connection;
  • Earth exploration from space;
  • Space physics (near Earth's space)
  • Space astronomy and astrophysics;
  • Space biology and medicine;
  • Space science of materials;
  • Space buildings and constructions;
  • News from world space agencies;
  • Disputable questions of space science;
Mailing list includes 114 addresses; 81 of them are from Ukraine.
10/09/2018: International Workshop on satellite navigation was held in SSAU