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Exhibition activities

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SSAU extended its efforts aimed at the development of new markets and creating a positive image of Ukraines space industry on the international stage. In particular, SSAU and Ukrainian space companies presented an exhibition booth at the International Berlin Air Show ILA-2014 demonstrating the product samples, information and advertisement materials (May 19-24, Berlin, Germany).

In the framework of International Aerospace Salon Aviasvit-XXI an exhibition booth of SSAU and space industries was presented, and the International Space Business Forum held (September 24-27, Kyiv).

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SSAU continued its efforts aimed at developing new markets and creating a positive image of Ukraines space industry internationally. An exposition of Ukrainian space companies was introduced to the participants as part of the Open Consul-tations on the International Code of Conduct in Outer Space Activities (May 16-17, Kyiv).

SSAU and its enterprises participated on the 50th Inter-national Paris Air Show Le Bourget (June 16-21, Paris, France) and presented space products samples as well as advertising and promo materials.

SSAU presented its exposition at the International Air and Space Salon MAKS-2013 (August 27-30, Zhukovsky, Russia).

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International Aerospace Salon Aviasvit (September 27 - Octoberl, Gostomel), which presented product samples of the enterprises, informational, advertising and presentation materials.

XII-Ukrainian Conference on Space Research
(August-September, Yevpatoriya).
Leading enterprises of Ukrainian space industry have attended the exhibitions: Yuzhnoye SDO, Yuzhmash PA, Kommunar PE, Kyivprylad PA, Khartron SE, Arsenal SE, the Research Institute of Radio Measurements, the National Space Facilities Control and Test Center.