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Exhibition activities

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SSAU extended its efforts aimed at the development of new markets and creating a positive image of Ukraines space industry on the international stage. In particular, SSAU and Ukrainian space companies presented an exhibition booth at the International Berlin Air Show ILA-2014 demonstrating the product samples, information and advertisement materials (May 19-24, Berlin, Germany).

In the framework of International Aerospace Salon Aviasvit-XXI an exhibition booth of SSAU and space industries was presented, and the International Space Business Forum held (September 24-27, Kyiv).

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SSAU continued its efforts aimed at developing new markets and creating a positive image of Ukraines space industry internationally. An exposition of Ukrainian space companies was introduced to the participants as part of the Open Consul-tations on the International Code of Conduct in Outer Space Activities (May 16-17, Kyiv).

SSAU and its enterprises participated on the 50th Inter-national Paris Air Show Le Bourget (June 16-21, Paris, France) and presented space products samples as well as advertising and promo materials.

SSAU presented its exposition at the International Air and Space Salon MAKS-2013 (August 27-30, Zhukovsky, Russia).

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International Aerospace Salon Aviasvit (September 27 - Octoberl, Gostomel), which presented product samples of the enterprises, informational, advertising and presentation materials.

XII-Ukrainian Conference on Space Research
(August-September, Yevpatoriya).
Leading enterprises of Ukrainian space industry have attended the exhibitions: Yuzhnoye SDO, Yuzhmash PA, Kommunar PE, Kyivprylad PA, Khartron SE, Arsenal SE, the Research Institute of Radio Measurements, the National Space Facilities Control and Test Center.

04/17/2018: On the dissemination of false information by the national anticorruption portal "Anticor" about the detention of Mr. Pavlo Degtyarenko, the Chairman of the SSAU, and Mr. Olexandr Degtyarev, the General Director of the Yuzhnoye State Design Office