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Dnipro Project
Conversion Russian-Ukrainian project Dnipro foresees modernization of the intercontinental ballistic missiles SS-18 (Satan), developed and produced in Ukraine, into the launch-vehicle Dnipro.
The Kosmotras International Space Company was established in order to run the project.
From April 1999 till December 2013, 19 launches of Dnipro LV have been carried out from the Baikonur Cosmodrome and Yasniy launching pad (Russia) delivering 70 SC into space on order of 15 countries worldwide.

Sea Launch Project
Implementation of unique Sea Launch project is carried out by the Sea Launch International Company.
Ukrainian launch-vehicle Zenit designed by Yuzhnoye SDO and manufactured by Yuzhmash Machine-Building Plant is used as part of the floating complex.
Since April 1999 till December 2013, 35 launches of Zenit-3SL LV have been conducted from the sea platform with telecommunication satellites onboard.

Land Launch Project
The project is operated by the International Space Services Company.
Ukrainian Zenit LV designed and manufactured in Ukraine is used as part of the land-based launch complex.
9 Successful launches of Zenit-3SLB LV have been conducted from April 2008 till December 2013 from the Baikonur Cosmodrome within the Land Launch Project.

Vega Project
A new light launch-vehicle Vega has been developed as part of the European Space Agency project.
A cruise engine block of the upper stage for this launch-vehicle was designed by Yuzhnoye SDO and manufactured by Yuzhmash Plant.
The first launch of Vega LV was conducted from the Kourou Spaceport in French Guiana on Feb. 13, 2012.

Antares Project
Commissioned by the National Aerospace Administration of USA (NASA) a new LV-system Antares is developed to deliver cargo to the ISS.
Yuzhnoye SDO and Yuzhmash Plant are working on development of the mainframe for the first stage of the LV.
Launches of Antares LV started in 2013 from Wallops Flight Facility (USA).

Cyclone-4 Project
Ukraine-Brazil Cyclone-4 project provides development of a new space vehicle Cyclone-4 in Ukraine and construction of the ground complex at the Alcantara Space
Center in Brazil for the launch of this LV.
The Alcantara Cyclone Space Binational Company was established to run the project.
Launches of the spacecrafts by means of Cyclone-4 LV from Alcantara Space Center will start in 2014.

Lybid project
Development of the National satellite communication system with Lybid geostationary spacecraft.
Launch of the Lybid satellite is scheduled for April 2014.
Ukrkosmos State Enterprise Operator of the system.

Radioastron Project
A global land-space interferometer, comprising: Russian orbital observatory Spektr-R and an international network of ground-based radio telescopes has been developed to
implement this project.
The main objective of the project is to perform astronomical research of the objects in the universe with an unprecedented high resolution.
Upgraded Ukrainian radio-telescope RT-70, located in the Crimea, is a principal tool of terrestrial network.

Ionosat Project
The project foresees development of the global space system for monitoring of dynamic processes in the ionosphere of the Earth, as part of the European program GMES,
space weather program (SW) and GEOSS global system.
Chief Contractor of the project is the Space Research Institute of NASU-SSAU.

10/09/2018: International Workshop on satellite navigation was held in SSAU