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A cooperation agreement between the Government of Ukraine and the European Space Agency was signed in Paris

    An agreement on cooperation in peaceful space uses was signed between the Government of Ukraine and the European Space Agency in Paris, France on January, 25.
    The agreement was signed by National Space Agency of Ukraine Director General, Yuri S. Alexeev on behalf of the Government of Ukraine and ESA Director General J.-J. Dordain on behalf of ESA.
    Ukrainian delegation consisted of Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine in France K.V. Timoshenko, Deputy Director General NSAU E.I. Kuznetzov, Chief Foreign Affairs Department NSAU B.A. Atamanenko.
    This agreement creates legal basis for development of cooperation between Ukrainian and European enterprises and companies in space branch. Among the spheres profitable for cooperation in the framework of this agreement are:
    - space sciences, such as astronomy and astrophysics, solar system exploration and solar-terrestrial physics;
    - Earth exploration programs and their application: environment monitoring, meteorology, aeronomy, geodesy and disaster prevention;
    - telecommunications, services and satellite navigation;
    - microgravitation exploration, space biology, medicine and data processing;
    - development and application of ground segment;
    - launch vehicles.
    Signing the agreement will bolster development of prolonged cooperation and partnership between Ukraine and the European side in space branch and is a significant step on Ukraine’s way to the European integration.

11/14/2014: Oleksandr Golub has been assigned a temporary Acting Chairman of the State Space Agency of Ukraine

11/14/2014: Meetings with European experts on participation of Ukrainian organizations in Horizon 2020 programme were held in the framework of Twinning project

11/13/2014: The interplanetary probe Philae made a historic descent to the nucleus of a comet

11/07/2014: Joint meeting of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the International Academy of Astronautics was held in Kyiv

11/06/2014: Successful launch of Dnipro LV has been performed from the Yasny launch base with Japanese "ASNARO" SC and 4 microsatellites onboard