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On January 31, 2018, the first cosmonaut of independent Ukraine, the Hero of Ukraine, the President of Aerospace Association of Ukraine, the Advisor to the Prime Minister of Ukraine, and to Chairman of the State Space Agency of Ukraine - Leonid Kadenyuk passed away

Leonid Kadenyuk was born on January 28, 1951 in the village of Klishkivtsi, Khotyn district of Chernivtsi region, in a family of rural teachers. He graduated from Chernihiv Higher Military Aviation School, Moscow Aviation Institute. PhD in Engineering. He completed a full course of trainings for flights on "Soyuz" spaceships and the orbital station "Mir", as well as the "Buran" program. Test pilot of the first grade, mastered 54 types and modifications of airplanes.

During preparations for his space flight, he went through the training to perform scientific experiments onboard spacecraft in various fields: biology, medicine, metrology, ecology, and exploration of Earth's natural resources from outer space, geology, astronomy, geobotanics. During his flight onboard the STS-87 Columbia Mission from November 19 till December 5, 1997 he conducted ten scientific experiments to study the influence of microgravity on plant growth and development.

For many years, he was the Vice-President of Ukrainian Youth Association "Suzir'ya". In 2015 he was elected the President of the Aerospace Association of Ukraine. He was elected the Member of the Parliament of Ukraine. Honorary citizen of the city of Chernivtsi. Awarded with many state honors.

Leonid Kadenyuk paid special attention to educational work with young people. The goner participated constantly in youth forums, scientific-practical conferences, exhibitions and festivals.

Leonid Kadenyuk was the author of five scientific works. In 2017, his book "Mission - Space" has come out of print.

We express our sincere condolences to the family, relatives, friends and colleagues of Leonid Kadenyuk. We share your sorrow and an unbelievable loss.

We bow our heads, paying tribute to Leonid Kadenyuk. Let the cherished memory of him remain in our hearts forever!

Chairman of SSAU - Pavlo Degtiarenko
Workers of the space industry of Ukraine