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The successful launch of European Vega launcher with Ukrainian upper-stage engine

    On November 8, 2017, at 03:42:31 Kyiv time, European lightweight Vega LV has been successfully launched from Kourou Space Center in French Guiana.

    The cruise engine RD-843 of the LV's 4th stage was designed by Yuzhnoye SDO and manufactured by Yuzhmazh Production Association.

    The launch vehicle has injected into the near-Earth orbit the Mohammed VI-A ERS satellite.

    This launch has become the eleventh one within the Vega program and the third one in 2017. In just 5 years, Vega has delivered to orbit 26 satellites for 20 customers around the world.
04/17/2018: On the dissemination of false information by the national anticorruption portal "Anticor" about the detention of Mr. Pavlo Degtyarenko, the Chairman of the SSAU, and Mr. Olexandr Degtyarev, the General Director of the Yuzhnoye State Design Office