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The resolution of the 16th Ukrainian Conference on Space Research, Odessa, August 22 -27, 2016

16th Ukrainian Conference on Space Research was held in Odessa during August 2227, 2016. It was organized by Space Research Institute NAS of Ukraine and SSA of Ukraine under the State Space Agency of Ukraine (SSAU), National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NASU) assistance and the PJSC ELMZ financial support.

The Conference was attended by 150 experts from 44 Ukrainian organizations and 6 organizations from other countries. Leading scientists of the Institutes of NASU, space industry enterprises, universities, astronomical observatories, specialized institutions, as well as foreign participants from Bulgaria, Georgia, Israel, Poland and Russia took part in the event.

The Conference Program encompassed6thematic sections:

1. Near-space Exploration (including the Sun, the solar-terrestrial relations, magnetosphere, ionosphere).

2. Space Biology, Medicine and Sciences of Microgravity.

3. Astrophysical and Cosmological Research.

4. Devices, Materials and Technology for space research.

5. Spacecraft and Systems for Space Research.

6. Earth Observation from space.

Sections covered topics of space research performed within the National Space Program of Ukraine, program of NAS of Ukraine, as well as in the framework of the European Union research and innovation program HORIZON 2020. Conferenceparticapants received copies of the Ukrainian report to the International Committee on Space Research COSPAR Space Research in Ukraine 2014-2016.

Discussion of the National Space Program of Ukraine for the years 20182022 and perspective educational program, and workshops on priority research projects Ionosat-Micro and Aerosol-UA was held during the Conference.

The Resolution of the Conference provides:

1. To recognize the success of the 16th Ukrainian Conference on Space Research and start preparing for the next conference in the year 2017 in the same format.

2. Note a high scientific level of reports.

3. Situation with the financing of the National Space Program this year is unacceptable. The Conference participants appeal to the SSAU to make every effort to overcome the critical situation.

4. According to the results of public discussion of the Concept of the National Space Program of Ukraine for the years 2018-2022 the Conference supports the main provisions of the document and asks the Deputy Chairman of the Council of Space Research of NAS of Ukraine, academician of NAS of Ukraine Yaroslav Yatskiv to consider the comments of Conference participants during preparation the official conclusion of NASU.

5. To consider Ionosat-Micro and Aerosol-UA the priority projects of scientific research of near space.

6. To support theinitiative ofYuzhnoye State Design Officeon creation the YuzhSat platform for research microsatellites. Representatives ofYuzhnoye State Design Office and Space Research Institute NASU-SSAU should ensure the collection ofproposals for small spacecrafts payload based on the YuzhSat platform and develop proposals for promising projects of the new National Space Program for the years 20182022 under the relevant sections of the Council of Space Research of NAS of Ukraine.

7. To note the necessity of review and approval the Concept of Earth satellite observationsas basis of the sections of the next National Space Programs andNAS of Ukraine Program on Space Research, as well asrecommend the SSAU to resume the relevant section under the Scientific and Technical Council of SSAU.

8. To recommend the SSAU and other interested public authorities to support the initiative of the scientific community to participate in the implementation of the international ten-year planfor creation ofthesystem of systemsGEOSS by creating the national committee of GEO program.

9. To recommend the Presidium of NAS of Ukraine to extend the term of the NAS of Ukraine Program on Space Research in the year 2017.

10/09/2018: International Workshop on satellite navigation was held in SSAU