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Enterprises of Ukraine's space industry take part in the X International Aerospace Salon "Aviasvit XXI"

October 11, 2016, Kyiv. The International Exhibition Center hosted an opening ceremony of the X International Aerospace Salon "Aviasvit - XXI". Ukraine's space industry was presented at the exhibition by leading companies: Yuzhnoye SDO, Yuzhmash PA, Arsenal SE SDP. Space industry booth demonstrated models of existing and future launch vehicles, engine models, spacecraft samples, advanced designs of "Grim" (Thunder) and "Korshun" (Kite) cruise missiles.

11/13/2017: The SSAU delegation participates in the Dubai Airshow-2017

11/13/2017: Chairman of the State Space Agency of Ukraine paid a visit to the branch unit of the NSC - the Main Special Control Center

11/12/2017: Successful launch of Antares LV

11/08/2017: The successful launch of European Vega launcher with Ukrainian upper-stage engine

11/03/2017: The Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between the State Space Agency of Ukraine and the Space Agency of the UAE in the field of space exploration