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Chairman of the State Space Agency of Ukraine held a meeting with European experts within the framework of EGNOS program extension to Ukraine

    September 22, 2017. The working meeting of SSAU Chairman Mr. Degtiarenko was held with the technical experts of Thales Alenia Space in the premises of SSAU HQ within the framework of implementing the program of EGNOS system coverage extension on the territory of Ukraine.

    Experts from France made a brief report on conducting survey on the potential sites of future RIMS stations of the EGNOS system in Kyiv, having evaluated them as positive in general.

    The Parties confirmed their mutual interest in developing cooperation within the framework of extending the coverage of EGNOS system on the territory of Ukraine and expressed their desire to continue taking all necessary steps to accelerate the deployment of these stations in Kyiv.

    Reference: measures to extend the coverage of EGNOS system on the territory of Ukraine are carried out within the framework of implementing the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU (Section 8 "Space"). Thales Alenia Space Company has been designated as the main contractor for technical surveys on compliance with the requirements for deployment sites of EGNOS RIMS stations.
05/25/2018: SSAU and European Commission signed an Arrangement on cooperation in the framework of the Copernicus Programme