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Opening of S.Korolev monument was held in Kyiv

    On January 18, opening of the monument to the prominent scientist, founder of the first world rocket space systems S.Korolev was held at KPI Museinaya square on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of S.Korolev.
    The opening was participated by the Ukrainian Vice-Prime-Minister D.Tabachnik, the First Vice-Speaker of the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada A.Martyniuk, Adviser of the Ukrainian President A.Zinchenko, NASU President B.Paton, NSAU Director General Y.Alekseev, S.Korolevs daughter N.Koroleva, grand- and great-grand-children, the Russian Ambassador in Ukraine V.Chernomyrdin, space pilots: P.Popovich, A.Aleksandrov, V.Tokarev, V.Zholobov, L.Kadeniuk, the Ukrainian KPI Rector M.Zgurovsky, representatives of enterprises and organizations, the Ukrainian and Russian veterans of space industry.
    S.Korolev studied at the KPI during two years. S.Korolevs bronze bust was installed on the two-meter pedestal of brown marble. It is located among monuments to the other famous scientists on the KPI Museinaya square.
    After the monument opening, the ceremonial session dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the prominent scientist, missile builder was held in the KPI House of Culture.
    S.Korolev stood near the cradles of the practical cosmonautics, not only from the point of view of the new space technology development but of creating space concept, which was based not only on the theoretical positions but on the practical experience as well. This opinion united the congratulations of the President V.Yuschenko, the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada Chairman A.Moroz and the Ukrainian Prime Minister V.Yanukovich. These congratulations were directed for the participants of the ceremonial session.
    The ceremonial canceling of the special envelops issued by the Ukrpochta on the 100th anniversary of S.Korolev was provided after the anniversary ceremonial event.
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