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Specialists of Ukrainian space industry paid a working visit to Germany in the framework of Twinning Space European-Ukrainian project

    10.02.2010. NSAU experts and specialists of space industry enterprises of Ukraine paid a working visit to German Aerospace Centre (DLR), leading research institutes and companies of the space spectrum of Germany in the framework of Twinning Space project within Feb.1 – Feb.6, 2010 in order to define further perspectives of bilateral cooperation.
    In course of the visit Ukrainian delegation became acquainted with activities of German leading space sector companies: OHB Technology, EADS Astrium, Kayser Threde GmbH, IABG.
    The working meetings with representatives of the German Space Operations Center (GSOC), National Communication and Navigation Institute, Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics, Institute of Space Systems. NSAU delegation was also invited to German Remote Sensing Data Center and Galileo Control Center (European Global Satellite Navigation System).
    The main topic of all working meetings was discussion of the present state and determining of cooperation perspectives between NSAU and DLR in the field of exploration and peaceful use of outer space.

    Director for Business Development, Science and Earth Observation, KAYSER-THREDE GmbH (daughter company of OHB Technologies) - Dr. Timo Stuffler acquainted Ukrainian delegation with developments of the company

    Special interest of Ukrainian specialists was addressed to hyper-spectral space craft EnMAP, product of KAYSER–THREDE GmbH.

    Ukrainian delegation headed by Chief of Department of NSAU, Mr. Volodymyr Prysyazhnyi during the working meeting with the Chairman of OHB Technologies Management Board , Prof. Manfred Fuchs – “guru” of German cosmonautics

    The model of ISS and scientific module Columbus, designed by EADS ASTRIUM – leading company in development of space crafts, ATV vehicles, Ariane-5 LV upper stages.

    Director for Quality Management Program Support, Space Division, IABG Company, Mr. Joachim Klein acquainted Ukrainian experts with activities of the company in testing of space engineering

    Testing of CryoSat space craft in the acoustic chamber of IABG Company

    Head of Mission Operations at GSOC DLR, Dr. Tomas Kuch demonstrated the system for space crafts grouping control and relevant infrastructure of the center

    At the mission control center of DLR

    Working meeting at the Institute for Communication and Navigation, DLR

    Model of GALILEO (European Global Satellite Navigation System)

    In the lab of the Institute for robotics and mechatronics, DLR

    Chief of Business Development Division, German Remote Sensing Data Center – Dr. Gunter Schreier demonstrated center’s capabilities in space data collection, storage and distribution

    At the Institute of Space Systems, DLR, established in 2008 with a purpose to coordinate DLR research institutes activities, with regard to elaboration of technical specifications and feasibility of perspective space projects


11/14/2014: Oleksandr Golub has been assigned a temporary Acting Chairman of the State Space Agency of Ukraine

11/14/2014: Meetings with European experts on participation of Ukrainian organizations in Horizon 2020 programme were held in the framework of Twinning project

11/13/2014: The interplanetary probe Philae made a historic descent to the nucleus of a comet

11/07/2014: Joint meeting of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the International Academy of Astronautics was held in Kyiv

11/06/2014: Successful launch of Dnipro LV has been performed from the Yasny launch base with Japanese "ASNARO" SC and 4 microsatellites onboard