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State Space Agency of Ukraine

Pavlo Degtiarenko

First Deputy Head
Oleksandr Golub

Deputy Head
Volodymyr Mikheev

Space Activities Maintenance Department
Director of Department - Vyacheslav Dyachek

Financial Policy Department
Head of Department - Larisa Kutsar

Space Industrial Infrastructure Department
Head of Department - Oleg Kolobkov

Economic Development Department
Head of Department - Irina Devayeva

International Relations Department
Head of Department - Roman Fedonyuk

Policy and Development Department
Director of Department - Borys Atamanenko

Accounting and Reporting Division
Head of Division - Chief accountant - Vira Sukhodub

HR and anti-corruption Section
Head of Section - Volodymyr Kuzmin

Legal Section
Head of Section - Maksym Prystupa

Auditing Section
Head of Section - Dmytro Pugach

Security Section
Head of Section - Oleksandr Dvornik

Mobilization Section
Head of Section - Sergiy Riznychenko

Advisors of the Head


For coordinated solution of questions which belong to the competention of SSAU, discussing of the most important directions of its activities and
developing of the space field in SSAU is being formed the collegium which consists of Chief President, Chief President's deputies and other leaders of the SSAU.

Scientific and technical council

Scientific and technical council among scientists and highly qualified specialists is being formed for consideration of scientific recommendations and other propositions related to main fields of developing science and engineering, for discussing the most important programs and other questions in SSAU.

11/13/2017: The SSAU delegation participates in the Dubai Airshow-2017

11/13/2017: Chairman of the State Space Agency of Ukraine paid a visit to the branch unit of the NSC - the Main Special Control Center

11/12/2017: Successful launch of Antares LV

11/08/2017: The successful launch of European Vega launcher with Ukrainian upper-stage engine

11/03/2017: The Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between the State Space Agency of Ukraine and the Space Agency of the UAE in the field of space exploration