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CONCEPT of the National Space Policy Realization for the period to 2032

Кабінет Міністрів України
за №238-р від 03/31/2011


by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine
Ordinance №238-p as of 31.03.2011

of the National Space Policy Realization for the period to 2032

The problem that demands solution

Providing state-of-the-art space technologies progress in Ukraine is an important factor which indicates the strategic place of the State in the world.
Considerable imbalance between the space capacities level and its impact on the urgent national and social goals is the problem that demands solution.
The long-term lack of effective government support in the space area of Ukraine and the necessity to carry out reforms in this sector are the basic causes of the problem appearance.

The aim, vectors and terms of concept realization

The aim of the Concept Realization is the enhancement of the efficiency of space capacities for solution of urgent problems in socio-economic, environmental, cultural, informational, educational, scientific, and social areas, providing national security and protection of geopolitical interest of the State.

Vectors of the Concept Realization are the following:

Space technologies development and integration in real sector of national economy, and the sector of national security and defense;

Acquisition of new knowledge, enhancement of scientific and technological capacities of the State and educational level of its citizens;

Improvement of the rocket and space engineering and technologies;

Effective industrial policy realization and manufacture modernization;

Commercialization of space activities;

Broadening of the international cooperation in the field of space.

Concept is foreseen to be realized by 2032 in four stages (first stage: 2011-2017; the second: 2018-2022; third: 2023 - 2027 and the fourth stage: 2028-2032).

Ways and means for solving the problem

The problem is foreseen to be solved by improving mechanisms of State support, by the involvement of public-private partnership (PPP) and providing investment attractiveness of space activities, as a result of:

Satisfaction of social needs in remote sensing area as well as in the satellite navigation and telecommunications services;

Expansion the presence of Ukrainian enterprises on the global space market, providing access to space;

Space research, applied research aimed at development of advanced prototypes of space engineering and advanced technologies, implementation of prestigious national projects as well as execution of scientific and educational programs;

Acceleration of rocket and space engineering rate of growth and improvement its the competitiveness;

Broadening of the international cooperation.

Expected results of the concept realization

Concept realization should provide the development of the economically sustainable, competitive, diversified space industry, particularly:

Towards ensuring the development of space technologies and their integration into feasible sector of the national economy and national security and defense area

To provide systematic data reception from SICH National Remote Sensing System (RSS) and Geophysical Monitoring Space System and from foreign ERS spacecrafts (in the framework of the joint international programs and agreements);

To develop the National GIS and Emergency Monitoring Support System as part of European (GMES) and worldwide (GEOSS) systems and to provide its information services operation to the customers concerned;

To develop and to provide the operation of the National digital satellite telecommunication infrastructure for national TV/Radio delivery to the digital TV and radio broadcasting synchronous zones of Ukraine, by means of LYBID’ geostationary telecommunications and broadcasting spacecrafts constellation;

To develop Coordinate-Time and Navigation Support System of Ukraine based on the information obtained from global navigation satellite systems of the leading
states (USA, Russia, EU countries, China), and distribution of this information via ground-based and satellite telecommunication channels;

To develop the outer space monitoring and analysis integrated multifunctional system;

On demand of public authorities, managing in the field of national security and defense, to ensure the following steps:

- To provide satellite communications and data retransmission services, coordinate-time and navigation support, outer space monitoring and analysis;

- Certified and prompt delivery of the information received from ERS satellites, providing technical support for advanced technologies development for its special utilization;

- Development of the multifunctional hardware;

Towards new learning opportunities, enhancing scientific and technical capabilities of the state and educational level of its citizens

To conduct space research in the field of astrophysics, Earth sciences, global and regional environmental changes, space biology and material sciences, performing international space experiments under the initiative of local scientists and also participation in space experiments in the framework of international programs and initiatives, including experiments in space physics, biology and material sciences with mandatory participation of a specialist on board of the international space stations, including national astronaut-researchers involved into the international crew;

To perform space technological experiments and testing experiments of the perspective space equipment using mini-satellites and small spacecrafts in space;

To participate in the Moon exploration using domestic spacecrafts;

To provide scientific and educational space experiments, including Moon surface and near-Moon orbit exploration, using spacecrafts, developed under the participation of youth R&D teams from design and production enterprises and higher education institutions;

Towards the improvement of rocket and space engineering and technologies

To develop, in particular, within international cooperation:

- Space Rocket Systems using CYCLONE-4 launch vehicle and MAYAK launch vehicle operating on the ecological fuel;

- Multifunctional space platform with national control system to be operated on the board of ERS satellites and in satellites for space research, including Moon exploration;

- KRECHET multifunctional space tug for delivering spacecraft into near-Earth and near-Moon orbits using DNIPRO and MAYAK launch vehicles;

- AIR LAUNCH aerospace systems;

- Spacecrafts for providing Earth observation, space telecommunications, space research, technological experiments on the near-Earth orbit, space exploration on near-Moon orbit, scientific and educational experiments;

- Scientific equipment for space experiments, advanced units and systems for near-Earth and near-Moon orbits investigations, for the Earth and Moon surfaces exploration;

- Launch vehicles, spacecrafts units (including control systems, rocket engines, new technologies and materials) to enable an improvement of tactical and technical parameters of existing and prospective samples of rocket and space technical engineering as well as space technology commercialization;

- Manufacture for disposal of the rocket and space technical equipment and its units in concordance with the requirements of international standards;

- Ground infrastructure for the ERS facilities certification and data validation;

Towards effective implementation of the industrial policy and manufacturing modernization

To improve the structure of space industry;

To improve significantly the efficiency of the space industry, in particular, to increase the output of competitive products, products for information services market and products of non-space purposes, to increase average wages and to implement a social security mechanism for the workers to keep to their working places;

To implement effective personnel policies, training and retraining systems, including the internship abroad;

Towards commercialization of space activities

extend Ukrainian space industry expansion to the global market of space transportation services by encouraging commercial utilization of Zenit-2SLB, Zenit-3SLB ("Land Launch”), Zenit-3SL ("Sea Launch”) , Dnipro, Cyclone-4 and Mayak launch vehicles, Air Launch aerospace system, as well as perspective space transportation vehicles for the Moon orbit cargo delivery;

To provide Ukrainian space enterprises expansion to the global market of space information services, including the regional markets of Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia, by encouraging the commercial utilization of LYBID national commercial satellite communications system, SICH Earth observation and geophysical monitoring space system and outer space monitoring and analysis system;

To develop the internal market for providing space information services and Earth Remote Sensing output, satellite navigation and satellite communications;

To ensure measures for intellectual property rights protection in space activities;

To define the private capital engagement mechanism for realization of the national programs in space area;

owards deepening of international cooperation in space activities

To provide cooperation between Ukraine and European Space Agency;

To provide priority cooperation between Ukraine and Russia, EU-states, USA, Japan, China, India, Brazil, Kazakhstan and other countries interested in receiving space services;

To enhance space activities in Baltic-Black Sea region, particularly:

- To provide SICH Earth observation and geophysical monitoring space system joint data sharing, creating of the regulatory framework and industrial data processing technologies;

- To provide joint space research as well as participation of the scientists in the international space exploration programs and in the ground infrastructure utilization (telescopes, receiving stations, test sites, etc.);

- To ensure the commercial operation of LYBID telecommunications satellite;

- To realize scientific and educational projects on the development of experimental satellites, as well as to arrange students and postgraduate student trainings and exchange;

To reinforce the rocket and space technology exporters’ position, to promote space technologies and services on the world market and to provide governmental support for the strategic export contracts;

To harmonize national certification and product assurance status standards close to the international and European standards;

To ensure the progress in the international exhibition and fair activities, in designing and publishing of advertising and presentation kits.

The required amount of funding, supplies and human resources
for the Concept realization

Concept realization is based on the state budget funds, investments and other sources.

The estimated budget for the concept realization equals to 38.5 billion UAH. Specific amount of funds (including budget) is regulated by national special-purpose scientific and technical space programs and other programs intended for the development of space activities and depends on the state budget resources of Ukraine.
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